Qualifications designed for industries working in potentially hazardous environments.

Why Compex

At CompEx, we know that safe working practices are beneficial for all businesses. The CompEx Scheme ensures that best practice in managing explosive atmospheres is implemented and maintained right from the start, which not only keeps workplaces, staff and assets safe, but also reduces risks and costs.

From food and beverage or manufacturing businesses, to pharmaceutical and chemical production, or traditional power generation sectors such as oil and gas, CompEx offers a wide range of qualifications for a variety of industries which are suitable for those working in hazardous environments.


Find a course

If you’re looking for a particular type of course, or require a qualification for a specific hazardous environment, you’ll find all of our qualifications here.

Find a centre

Find your nearest licensed CompEx centre and get full contact details using our simple map facility.

Retain certification

Achieving CompEx core competency is essential for practitioners who work in potentially explosive environments, but competency must be maintained following certification.

Resource centre

The CompEx resource centre provides all the essential forms, documentation and downloads that you may need for CompEx training and registration.

  • What accreditation does CompEx have?

    CompEx is accredited by UKAS in accordance with the recognised international standard ISO/IEC 17024: 2012 Conformity Assessment – General requirements for bodies operating certification of persons.

  • What qualifications do employees need to undertake a CompEx course?

    Full details of the entry requirements are listed on the individual qualification pages.  Please see the appropriate qualification page.

  • How do I register my employee?

    To apply for a CompEx qualification, candidates must register and apply via their preferred training provider.  To find a local training provider, please visit the Find a centre page.

  • How long are the qualifications?

    The length of each qualification varies and is dependent on the training provider.  Estimated durations are stated on each individual qualification page.  However, for accurate durations, please check with your preferred training provider.  To find a local training provider, please visit the Find a centre page.

  • What does my employee need to take with them on their first day?

    Candidates are required to take with them; photo ID and copies of qualifications they have obtained.  Please check if anything further is required with the preferred training provider.

  • What does the qualification cover?

    Please visit the individual qualification pages for an overview of the qualification.  If you require further detail on qualification content and learning objectives, the qualification documentation can be downloaded from these pages.

  • How long is my employee certified for?

    All CompEx qualifications are valid for 5 years.  Candidates who successfully complete a CompEx qualification are certified for 5 years.  Before the certification expiration date (as printed on the CompEx certificate and CompEx ID card), candidates must either complete a full qualification or undertake a refresher course to retain valid certification.  Refresher courses are available for CompEx qualifications Ex01-Ex04 Gas and Vapours, and Ex07-Ex08 Fuel Filling Stations. For more information on refresher qualifications, please visit the Retaining certification page

  • Is there a refresher course?

    Refresher courses are available for CompEx qualifications Ex01-Ex04 Gas and Vapours and Ex07-Ex08 Fuel Filling Stations.  Please see the appropriate qualification page.

  • What feedback does a candidate receive?

    Candidates receive a diagnostic report based upon the assessments undertaken.  This is delivered via the chosen training provider.

  • How much do the qualifications cost?

    CompEx qualification costs vary depending on the qualification type, length and the training provider chosen.  Please contact your preferred training provider for accurate and up to date pricing of CompEx qualifications.  To find a local training provider, please visit the Find a centre page.

  • When are the courses?

    All CompEx training providers are independent and manage their own qualification schedules and candidate bookings.  To find out when the qualification you are interested in is running, please contact your preferred training provider.  To find a local training provider, please visit the Find a centre page.

  • Where are the courses held?

    CompEx has a global network of independent licensed training providers who deliver CompEx qualifications.  To find a local training provider, please visit the Find a centre page, where you will also be able to see what CompEx qualifications are offered and the training provider’s full contact details.

  • How do I make a complaint?

    All complaints should be made directly to the candidate’s chosen training provider.  If the complaint cannot be resolved and requires further action, a formal complaint can be escalated to CompEx in writing with a brief explanation of the complaint.  Please see the Contact page for full contact details.

  • How does a candidate appeal against their assessment grade?

    Candidates who wish to appeal against a failure for a CompEx qualification should firstly contact their chosen training provider.  If further action is required, a formal notice should be sent to CompEx in writing detailing reasons for the appeal.  Please see the Contact page for full contact details.

Make an enquiry

If you would like to make an enquiry about the CompEx Scheme or require further information about any of our qualifications, please contact us by completing our enquiry form.

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