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The CompEx Scheme is the recognised global solution for validating the competency of staff working in all industries with potentially hazardous and explosive atmospheres. Our purpose is to support and promote workplace safety, by certifying personal competency.



An introduction to the basic principles of explosive atmospheres.  Test your ex knowledge with IntroEx, a free to use knowledge and awareness tool.

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    What people are saying…

    “This is the first course I have completed with CompEx and I was very impressed, I particularly liked the opportunity to put theory into practice with the practical work in the workshop and look forward to hearing my results from the assessments.”
    Ryan McKenna
    Electrical Engineer, Engineering and Major Projects
    I would encourage anyone that does not perform inspections as a primary job function to take the complete CompEx Ex01-Ex04 course.  It gives you the chance to have discussion about situations you encounter in the field and how it relates to the CompEx narrative.’
    Andy Cedars
    Drillship Electrician, Pacific Drilling
    "By passing my qualification, I think it instils a higher level of trust from my clients. Holding a CompEx qualification proves my knowledge and gives me the ability to assist them effectively and with confidence.”
    Melissa Williams
    Sales Coordinator, Dron & Dickinson
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