Refresher Assessment for Ex01-04 Gas & Vapour Updated


Jun 20, 2017

The CompEx Scheme Committee has endorsed the updating of the CompEx Ex01-04 Gas & Vapour Refresher from 6th June 2017 after trialling a number of pilot courses at centres during 2017.

All CompEx Centres now utilise the new assessment format which has seen an end to the inspection photographs and the associated maintenance reports.

Candidates are now required to satisfactorily complete the following:

  • Selection of Ex equipment and accessories still utilising the Refresher Boards;
  • A cable gland and termination assessment;
  • Two practical Ex inspections which includes the use of the IEC Inspection Tables to identify the faults and assign appropriate remedial actions by formal report; and
  • An online knowledge multi-choice examination.

Due to a high demand in Refresher Courses now, please ensure you book your Refresher Course in good time to re-validate your existing CompEx certificate.

Please contact your preferred CompEx Centre for any bookings or clarifications (See CompEx Centre Page for centre contact details)

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