Guide to UKCA marking

Find out what the changes are and how they could affect you

What is the UKCA mark?

The new UKCA (UK Conformity Assessment) mark is the new UK product marking required for products to go to market in Great Britain (England, Wales, and Scotland).  Northern Ireland is covered by the UKNI mark.

The UKCA mark is required for most goods that previously required the CE mark and demonstrates that a product conforms to all UK legislative requirements, and that appropriate conformity assessment procedures have been undertaken.

The UKCA mark will not be recognised in the EU market.  Products that require CE marking will still require CE marking if sold in the EU.  You can learn more about UKCA marking from the video below.  We have also included some downloadable resources which provide additional clarity.

UKCA deadline extended

Since the production of the guide below, the UK Government has announced an extension to the UKCA marking deadline in recognition of the impact Covid-19 has had on businesses.  As a result, UKCA marking will be enforced from the 1st January 2023.  From this date, only products with UKCA marking will be accepted in Great Britain and CE marking will continue to be recognised for products sold in the EU.

Although an extension to the deadline has been granted, the UK Government encourages businesses to begin using the UKCA marking as soon as possible.

For the latest and most up to date information, please refer to government guidance

How does UKCA marking impact ATEX?

Although the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement requires changes in product conformity assessments and product marking, changes for the end user are minimal.  Some of the changes include:

  • ATEX will be replaced with UKEX
  • References to EU Notified Body will be replaced by UK Approved Body
  • EU Harmonised Standards will be replaced by UK Designated Standards
  • The Ex symbol and Ex equipment marking largely remains unchanged

Watch our short guide about UKCA marking 

This short video highlights the transition from the CE mark to the new UKCA mark.  Whilst there are many sources of information available, most centre on the requirements of the product manufacturer.  This guide is positioned from the perspective of the user of ‘Ex’ rated equipment and explains the impact of the new UKCA mark.

Please note: Since the production of this video, the UK Government has announced an extension to the UKCA marking deadline to the 1st January 2023.


In addition to the video, we have created separate resources such as a sample equipment label which incorporates the new UKCA mark and UKEX marking, and a further explanation about the UKNI marking.

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