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This module was introduced in 2016 and addresses the requirements of the Responsible Persons duties as laid down in IEC Standard 60079 Part 14 Annex 'A'.

Ex14 meets the competency requirements of IEC 60079 - 14 & 17 for Responsible Persons


 This brand new course will address the requirements of the Responsible Person as laid down in IEC Standard 60079 Parts 14 & 17. It is NOT a “practitioners” course and is not normally suitable for technicians. The course is aimed at those individuals in a senior supervisory / responsible role, i.e. those persons directly responsible for the management of staff, processes and procedures relating to explosive atmospheres.




  • Appropriate Legal Requirements

  • Application of relevant standards

  • Requirements of 60079-14 - Annex A "Knowledge, skills and competencies"

  • Requirements of 60079-17 - Annex B "Knowledge, skills and competencies"

  • Ignition sources

  • Practical understanding of explosion protection principles and techniques

  • Working knowledge and understanding of relevant standards in explosion protection such as IEC 60079 Parts 10-1; 10-2; 14, 17

  • Safe working procedures for explosive atmospheres

  • Inspection and Remedial Action Strategy

    • Qualitative Analysis for periodic inspections as detailed in Annex A of 60079-17
    • Simple quantitative methodology for the prioritisation of remedial actions
  • Competency criteria and assessment for persons undertaking installation, maintenance and inspection activities.

  • Overview of IEC 60079-19 - repair



The assessment is held on the fourth day of the course and will include two multi-choice examinations.


Feedback from Responsible Person - Tim Street


'From my perspective, the CompEx Ex14 course gives a practical, realistic framework for a responsible person to use a base for managing a facility with potentially flammable areas. It gives a basic level of understanding to the uninformed, of the subject matter as a concept, including legislative position, pointers to industry best practices and relevant standards, technical overview of protection concepts, and perhaps more importantly, an insight into managing a maintenance and inspection program. It provides guidance into one possible methodology for interpreting the inspection report dataset and an example of how an 'intelligent customer' can use this to determine inspection and maintenance strategy going forward.
Having been through numerous HSE COMAH E&I site inspections, I believe the information provided in the CompEx Ex14 course empowers the responsible engineer to demonstrate a level of competence and control in managing risk, as a result of using electrical equipment we have within potentially flammable atmospheres'.


'The difference between this CompEx module and others, is undoubtedly the level of knowledge sharing between candidates. Free, honest, open discussion is actively encouraged, and it soon becomes evident that the level of variability with what the candidates are actually doing at their own facilities , whilst still adhering to the required legal bounds, is often huge'.


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