What CompEx Modules are Available?

The CompEx course currently consists of fourteen knowledge and assessment units (EX01-14). These units are normally undertaken in complementary pairs as described in the modules below. In addition there are Ex Foundation Courses and Refresher Courses (EX01R - EX04R and EX07R - EX08R).

Modules Ex01, 03, 05, 07 & 09 meet the competency requirements of IEC 60079 - 14 for 'Operatives (selection and erection)'

Modules Ex02, 04, 06, 08 & 10 meet the competency requirements of IEC 60079 - 17 for 'Operatives (inspection and maintenance)'

Modules Ex12A & Ex12B meets the competency requirements of IEC 60079-14 for Designers (design & selection)

Module Ex14 meets the competency requirements of IEC 60079 - 14 & 17 for Responsible Persons.


Foundation Unit - Ex F (Click for Details)

This unit is now established as an underpinning knowledge unit only to give an overview of the requirements of working safely in a explosive atmosphere. No formal qualification entry is required for the CompEx Foundation Module.

Gas and Vapours - Ex01-04 (Click for Details)

Preparation, Installation, Maintenance and Inspection of Ex'd', 'n', 'e' & 'p' electrical equipment and Ex'i' equipment and systems. 

The underpinning knowledge and practical assessment programme is provided for electrotechnical personnel who undertake the physical installation and assembly of new 'Ex' equipment and, who perform preventive maintenance and inspections on previously installed equipment.

Dust - Ex05 & 06 (Click for Details)

These units are used to extend the competence for craftpersons who prepare, install, maintain and inspect electrical equipment for use in Explosive Dust Atmospheres.

Fuel - Ex07 & 08 (Click for Details)

For safe electrical work to be conducted on fuel filling stations there is also a need to utilise only competent persons to carry out this work, an issue suggested by the Electricity at Work Regulations and reinforced by the ATEX 137 directive. The APEA Guidance for Design, Construction, Modification, Maintenance and Decommissioning of Filling Stations (Revised June 2011) is utilised as part of this delivery.

Water Industry - Ex09 & 10 (Click for Details)

These units will ensure those working in the water industry and seeking evidence of competence have been subjected to training provision that is comprehensive and provides practical and technically acceptable methodology for identifying / classifying hazardous areas.

Mechanical - Ex11

This course determines the core competency of mechanical practitioners working in explosive atmospheres. Course delivery is conducted over three days consisting of a mechanical hazardous area awareness course including the established CompEx Foundation Module (Ex F), with a written examination and finally overall core competency is validated with an installation and inspection practical assessment on mechanical equipment.

Ex11 follows a syllabus to enable safe working practices for the international standard ISO 80079 Parts 36 & 37 and allows employers to benchmark the core competency requirements of both their staff and sub-contractors.

Design & Project Engineers Ex 12A & 12B

Developed during 2011 with a Industry Working Group to deliver a Competency Certificate to professional Application Design Engineers who understands the risks associated with the correct design and selection of electrical installations for use in explosive atmospheres.

Ex12 meets the competency requirements of IEC 60079-14 for Designers (design & selection)

Ex12A - Design of Non-Intrinsically Safe electrical equipment installations in explosive atmospheres; and

Ex12B - Design of Intrinsically Safe electrical equipment in explosive atmospheres.


Responsible Person Module Ex 14 (Launched in Autumn 2016) (Click for Details)

This module was introduced in 2016 and addresses the requirements of the Responsible Persons duties as laid down in IEC Standard 60079 Part 14 Annex 'A'.

Ex14 meets the competency requirements of IEC 60079 - 14 & 17 for Responsible Persons


 This brand new course will address the requirements of the Responsible Person as laid down in IEC Standard 60079 Parts 14 & 17. It is NOT a “practitioners” course and is not normally suitable for technicians. The course is aimed at those individuals in a senior supervisory / responsible role, i.e. those persons directly responsible for the management of staff, processes and procedures relating to explosive atmospheres.



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