CompEx Best Practice Conference - April 2017


Apr 21, 2017

Shrigley Hall Hotel & Conference Centre in Cheshire provided this year's venue for the 2017 CompEx Best Practice Conference.


Over 90 delegates from throughout the world gathered for the annual event for Licensed Centre staff and key stakeholders in the CompEx Scheme to review the past 12 months and hear about the exciting developments for the CompEx Scheme moving forward.


The opening address was provided by Jon Graham, JTL Group CEO who explained the opportunities that the JTL Group potentially has with the CompEx Centres, followed by Paul McGuire, JTL Group Financial Services and Performance Director and Director of CompEx who explained how the newly formed JT Limited Board would provide a direct focus for the strategy and governance of the CompEx Scheme. Peter Bennett, the CompEx Scheme Committee Chairman then formally welcomed the delegates to the 2017 Best Practice Conference and reminded all 'that it is not what we have done, but more about what we can do moving forward' and that our ongoing challenge is to maintain and consolidate our Global Poll Position as the competency scheme of choice for all users with assets involving explosive atmospheres.


Martin Jones, CompEx Operations Manager then presented a review of the last 12 months of the CompEx Scheme and then introduced JT Limited's Paul Hague, Steve Ryan and John Harris who presented the improvements to the assessment methodologies for the various CompEx modules. The CompEx Foundation Plus module was formally introduced to assist both employers and candidates with an introduction to explosive atmosphere working with some cable glanding practical assessments to ensure their readiness for the CompEx Core Competency Validation Assessments that they are exposed to on the Ex01-04 Gas & Vapour Core Competency course.


Martin Jones then introduced the recently released IEC new work proposal for a new IEC 60079 - 44 Standard for Competency of Persons, which will be developed by a Working Group of national representatives through a series of six meetings over the next three years.


Mike Ellis rounded off the first day with an informative overview of the developments with IEC 60079 Part 14 & 17 Standards.


Day 2 commenced with Paul Hague presenting the CompEx Certification Body administration experiences followed by an excellent presentation by Iain Shaw, new JT Limited Board Member on 'An Industry View' of how the oil & gas companies worldwide, their strategy and management has changed to meet the challenging economic climate that has prevailed since the significant fall in oil & gas revenues since July 2014.


John Harris and Gary Milne (Flexitallic) then presented a Mechanical update informing delegates of the new addition to the Ex 11 Mechanical Course which will now include a flange integrity assessment and the importance of this area of work to prevent loss of containment that could create an explosive atmosphere in the workplace.


Martin Jones then rounded off the conference with a presentation of some e-learning development, the value of the updated EEMUA Publication 186 'A Practitioner's Handbook for potentially explosive atmospheres', the proposed methodology for measuring the quality management of CompEx Centres based upon a risk assessment approach and a look forward to the developments for the CompEx Scheme for the next 12 months.


Peter Bennett, then thanked the CompEx Team for hosting and presenting this year's CompEx Best Practice Conference and thanked delegates for their questions which demonstrated that the CompEx Family was indeed working very well together.





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